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Tomorrow I'm going on a vacation for 2 weeks. Maybe, form time to time, I'll be able to write a comment or something, but I won't post any deviations. See ya'll in 2 weeks then! ^_^

Tagged :D

Wed Jan 23, 2013, 4:05 AM
I was tagged by :iconkamyxx:


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1.What is your favourite Miku Hatunse Song? :)

I-I don't know D: ... I have so many Miku songs. And I adore each one of them, but to chose one... Well, I would choose "World Is Mine" because it's the first Miku song I have ever heard and loved :D .

2.What is your favorite couple from Vocaloid? :D

I don't have a favourite couple, sorry ^_^' .

3.What's the first thing you did in 2013? =P

I went to a walk with my cute dog :3 .

4.What is your favorite Luka Megurine song?

It's "DYE". (click here to see it)

5.What is your favorite Miku Hatsune Model ? ^_^

It's DT Infinite Hollic Miku ^w^ .


1. Do you have any Vocaloid gadget/poster/figure? If not, how much would you want one?

2. Which Winter Miku design is your favourite? ^w^

3. Did you convince anyone in your surroundings (friends/family members) to listening to Vocaloids?

4. For how long have you been into MMD now? :)

5. Imagine that you live in a beautiful reality where your favourite Vocaloid is real and walks the streets normally, when suddnely...! You meet her/him!!! Now, what are you going to do? Ask her/him for an autograph? Cry in happiness? Faint? Or maybe something else? :D












  • Listening to: Saiya - Breeze


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Welcome everyone! :iconvocaloidplz:

I'm MaiCroft and I love creating pictures in MMD. I started using MMD in August.
I'm trying my best to make pictures that you will all love! :iconsmilecakeplz:
I hope you will all enjoy my works :iconcelestiawubplz:

I have a twin sister who likes MMD too. Please visit her page!
:iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3: :iconbirko91: :iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3:


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You have some really nice pictures in your gallery ^_^
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Happy belated birthday~
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